You’ll never look at curl the same way

August 13, 2010

Notice anything interesting?

Notice anything interesting?

While I’m quite tired, I took a couple of interesting pictures whilst on campus today. These particular pictures were taken on my way to work of the back of the Brain Imaging Center. I passed by this place everyday for three years, without ever noticing what my friend pointed out to me a few weeks ago.

How about now?

How about now?

Those poles were not designed to contour with the design on the back of the MRI center, I assure you. That would be the effect of stray magnetic field from a 4 Tesla magnet. While it’s not immediately dangerous, I wouldn’t recommend prolonged exposure.  I particularly like the cautionary sign advising of the high magnetic field, conveniently placed in a central location.


3 Responses to “You’ll never look at curl the same way”

  1. Alyssa said

    Wow, that’s crazy. I hate to think what would happen if I stood there for a long long time… o_O

    • Eh, you shouldn’t be too worried. To get a curve as bad as that, you’d have to stand in the same spot for roughly 10 years. Plus, the field falls off relatively quickly, notice how much less the pole next to it is curved.

  2. WolfyLion said

    i actually have noticed that… lol

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